About René

As a passionate mama, yoga teacher, and advocate for sustainable living, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in business administration to the table. My journey began in the retail industry and evolved into various administrative roles, eventually leading me to a successful career as a Project Manager. Along the way, my innate creativity led me to explore multiple side hustles, including crafting lollipops and selling them at markets throughout Melbourne. This diverse background has shaped me into a versatile professional ready to support and inspire fellow entrepreneurs.

Vision & Goals

I envision being a catalyst for growth, productivity, and success for each client I serve.

My vision for 'René the VA' is to be the ultimate support system for busy mumpreneurs who need reliable and efficient assistance. I want to build a strong partnership with my clients, helping them reach their business goals and create a healthier work-life balance. With my top-notch virtual assistance services, I aim to empower my clients to focus on what they do best while I handle the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes tasks.

Together, we'll conquer the business world and achieve amazing things!

What I live by...

Deliver Exceptional Service

Build strong client relationships

Continuously improve skills

I'm committed to exceeding client expectations with top-quality virtual assistance. I aim for efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism in every task.

Develop long-lasting relationships is crucial. I actively listen, adapt to evolving needs, and prioritise trust and rapport in every interaction.

Staying updated on industry trends and best practices is essential. I invest in professional development to enhance expertise in various virtual assistance areas.

Streamline processes for efficiency

I regularly evaluate and enhance operational processes. Through automation and streamlined workflows, I maximise productivity and improve the client experience.

Foster sustainability and ethics

Cultivate a positive work environment

I integrate eco-friendly practices into my business. From digital solutions to reducing waste, I strive for an environmentally responsible approach.

Prioritising my self-care and work-life balance as well as my client's. I believe it is vital for personal wellbeing and business success.

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